We offer a full range of farm management services through our trust department.

Our Farm Management process is led by Bill Blickhan. Bill has over 30 years of direct management experience. Bill was raised on a cash grain and livestock farm near Ivesdale. He was actively involved with his father’s farming operation. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Agriculture where he majored in agricultural economics.

Our management programs are individually customized to meet the specific goals and objectives of each landowner. In general, our goal is to maximize net farm income while emphasizing stewardship of the land. Landowners can choose their desired level of involvement. Our landowners can expect the following from us:

  • Thorough analysis and evaluation of existing leases.
  • Advice on lease changes and the preparation of new leases.
  • Careful selection of high quality farm tenants.
  • Objective determination of cropping plans.
  • Proper analysis and selection of crop inputs and cultural practices.
  • Emphasis on marketing, budgeting, and projections.
  • Handling all government program details and crop insurance decisions.
  • Thorough record-keeping.
  • Timely on-farm visits and planning meetings with farm tenants.
  • Communications with the landowner commensurate with the landowner’s desires.
  • Fair and competitive pricing for our services.

We also offer our landowners the benefits of a full service trust department. We can directly facilitate the long-range goals of any landowner to ensure that the farm will benefit future generations or selected beneficiaries through the use of a trust.

Give Bill Blickhan a call at 217-762-9431 or email him. He will arrange a time to answer your questions and gather the information needed to customize a program for you. You can also call Jennifer Doran at 309-662-0411 if you are unable to reach Bill.